SW Legion Tournament

The association BRETZ'WARS organizes not only the Bretz'Wars show, but also Tournaments on the game Star Wars Legion!

Practical information

The first tournament will take place on March 21, 2021 in Molsheim (3 Charles Mistler Street, 67120 Molsheim, France) in
Alsace.24 Players will be able to compete on various battlegrounds such as Hoth, Genosis, Endor and many others.
It will take place over 4 rounds, in an 800Pts format, behind closed doors.


To participate, you must register at two locations:

  • On the box office below to pay for your participation in the tournament.

You can also follow the news and chat with other players and admins on the event's Facebook page, but participation on this page is only indicative.

Covid-19 Information

Given the current events related to the health crisis, the event can be postponed only if the Prefecture asks us to do so. In this case, a new date will be proposed to participants who will be able to either maintain their ticket or request a refund. A minimum of 12 players prepaid one week from the event to guarantee its support.

Star Wars Legion game information

In line with X-Wing, here is STAR WARS: LEGION (SWL). In the saga universe, play as your favorite characters and lead your troops into epic ground battles, or relive those in the saga and change their outcomes. Each figure represents the iconic characters, soldiers and vehicles of the Star Wars universe. Each box contains everything two players need to simulate battles between the forces of the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire, the Separatist Alliance (CSI). Featuring a game system that combines simplicity and strategic depth, Star Wars: Legion highlights the vagaries of the battlefield and the confusion of blaster shootings… While allowing you to master your units and their actions. A mechanics of orders and command, linked to the abilities of your leader, allows you to maneuver your troops, give them the opportunity to regroup, wait for a golden opportunity and… to ravage the opponent! Similarly, the rules of movement facilitate this often delicate phase, and allow you to quickly and efficiently visualize what you can do as moves.

Finally, bringing your battalion together and setting up will be as simple as it is exciting, thanks to a customization of each of your units! Equipment, abilities, everything is available to improve your troop through maps.

Simple, efficient and comprehensive, the Star Wars: Legion action set is accessible to seasoned players as well as beginners, thanks to rules that emphasize immersion and strategy.

The figurines are to be mounted and introduces to the pleasures of modeling. Their painting is a hobby in its own right, which can put color on your gaming tables. Exchanges

advice, tactics or artistic, allow to make beautiful encounters with an active and growing community.

Fight for the destiny of the galaxy