Compared to most other conventions, BretzWars stands out for its willingness to highlight animations more than shops.

So BretzWars will offer you a unique experience in the region around the iconic sage, and this for all ages!

Board and role-playing games

Space Board Games and Role Games with the help of the Original Event Association of Fegersheim and the Forgesmondes of Mutzig.

  • Goal: Discover board games such as trays and figurines on the Star Wars™ universe.
  • Age range: from 7 years old with no age restriction.
  • Proposed activity:
    • Star Wars X-wing™ (Spaceship Figures Games);
    • Star Wars Rebellion™ (Plateau Game);
    • Assault on the Empire™ (Plateau Game);
    • Various other titles for all ages;

You could learn the Star Wars Legion game with experienced players.

Don't miss Sunday's tournament on the X Wing game.

Video game space

  • Objective: Discover video games based on the Star Wars license™ on various retro-gaming media (former consoles).
  • Age range: from 8 years and older.
  • Proposed activities:
    • The evolution of video games from the 1980s to the present day;
    • Introducing game collection;
    • Making all available consoles available to visitors;

This year, this pole will also offer Minecraft with Star Wars maps.

But also 3 VR headsets with the games Darth Vader and Beat Saber.

Drônes Space

  • Objective: Discovery and introduction to the conduct of Drones from the Star Wars license™ (this pole could be inside the enclosure depending on the weather conditions).
  • Age range: from age 7 and up,
  • Proposed activities:
    • Initiation and safety rules on the use of drones
    • Introducing a collection of drones on the license
    • Making drones available to visitors after initiation

This space will be supervised by volunteer members, delineated and protected for the safety of visitors.

Children's Space

A space dedicated to children with the help of the Molsheim Youth Boulevard Association.

  • Purpose: To allow children to discover or increase their knowledge of the Star Wars universe™.
  • Targeted age range: 6 – 18 years.
  • Activities:
    • Jedi Library (books and comics available to children);
    • Games of the 7 galactic families;
    • Werewolf of the Jedi Temple;
    • Quiz;
    • Lightsaber duels (under the supervision of animators);
    • Battle of nerves (depending on the place);
    • Makeup

Introduction to The Laser Sabre

The Sabre Laser Academy in Strasbourg will offer combat animations with the cult weapon of the series.

Space Collectors

During this show, we will invite about thirty private and professional stands (including collectors) as well as fan associations based on the Star Wars license™ of all kinds.

A dedicated space on the famous lego brick and construction game™ with the fanabriques association.

With spaces of discovery on the extended universe via literary media such as novels, comics, Musicals etc…

Visitors will be able to discover more than the films of the license and learn more about this saga that has been going on since 1977.