Practical Info / Ticketing

All you need to know about the Bretzwars Convention

Location: Hotel de la Monnaie, 6 Rue de la Monnaie, 67120 Molsheim

Dates: November 20 and 21, 2021

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 19:00 on Saturday and from 10:00 to 18:00 on Sunday

Price: 5€ per day per person aged 12 and over (free for the youngest who must be accompanied), possibility to take your tickets online with the HelloAsso form at the bottom of the page

Parking: in front of the hall or nearby in the city

Catering and refreshment bar: on site

COVID 19 release


Many of you are asking us questions and we would like to inform you that the event is taking place!

All the animations and exhibitors advertised on the site are also maintained! That being said, indeed we will have to perfectly enforce the sanitary rules in a very strict way namely:

Presentation of the MANDATORY HEALTH PASS. we have an obligation to check the PASS for each visitor and exhibitor.

anyone wishing to enjoy the show must present their PASS or be refused entry. (The association reserves the right to check the identity document).

😷 Wearing the mask for everyone inside (the costumed have already been playing the game for years, it's up to you). Of course, the masks will have to be adapted and well-worn, as the current health obligations require.

👮 ♀️ Quota of visitors inside the room to be respected (we will do a count at the entrance and exit to enforce this maximum number, and may have to wait at the entrance)

🚿 Anyone will have to disinfect their hands at the entrance. The same goes for all board game players, figurines and video games, as well as BDs players before each use.

Online ticketing

To save time at the entrance and in case the Republican credits do not do the trick, you can already book your tickets online via the HelloAsso platform below.

Following the Covid press release above, it is more than advisable to use this ticketing as a priority.

The online ticket office will close Wednesday, November 17 in the middle of the day, after this time, you can still come and pick up your tickets directly on site (there will just be a little possible waiting due to the fact that online tickets are priority)!