The various exhibitors present will immerse you in the saga and share their passion.

Orar Galaar – Mando Mercs

Mandalore is a mostly swampy planet,N
o hyperspace map gives its exact location. This warrior people wear distinctive armor, well known to Saga Fans.
These are feared across the galaxy.
They faced the Jedis several times and ransacked their temple during the fall of the Old Republic, its inhabitants always wanted to maintain absolute discretion.

Despite all these efforts, Bretzwars convinced them to reveal themselves at the show.
And who knows maybe finally we'll find out if they really never take off their helmets! That's the way!

The Rebel Legion

To support rebel troops (including Admiral Ackbar!) and Jedis survivors, the Rebel Legion will be present!

It is the official association that represents the clear side or more generally those who advocate Freedom in the Galaxy and oppose the Empire and the First Order.

Several costumed members of this association will be present at the Convention.

The 501 French Garrison

In contrast to the Rebel Legion, the 501st is the official association representing the troops of the Empire and Siths! They too will come to Bretzwars to bring balance in the Force through many costumes.

The 68th Imperial

Association of fans of the region that has existed since 2002 and that you may have already met during entertainment stores, cinema or concert outings, or even at weddings or anniversaries.

They also organize the famous Alsatian convention SF Connection, which the universes of Science Fiction.

Some of the costumed members of the 68th Imperial during the Bloody Weekend


Discover the custom Lego creations of the Saga universe created by this association of enthusiasts, who organize their own convention in Colmar.

Photocall The Mandalorian

Check out this exclusive set from the hit series

Papy Grogron's Wood Falls

Grandpa Grognon of kuat Shipyards also call the grumpy papy wood falls is one of the most important in the Galaxy.Specializing in the manufacture of salvage and other wooden vessels, CBPG has earned its position by winning the Bretzwars tender for a demonstration of its know-how to show the omnipotence of the Bretzwars empire. This considerable show of strength allows CBPG to become a fixture in the wooden ship design industry of our galaxy.


8 professional exhibitors will be present to prepare your Christmas shopping, or just make you happy.

  • LudiGoodies

A brand new shop on the conventions of eastern France, LudiGoodies is THE mystery bag specialist!A fun purchase par excellence, the bags contain all kinds of goodies on your favorite geek themes, an ideal concept to make and enjoy.Come discover our offers and let yourself be surprised!

  • Adegan's Armory

Adega's Armory is a boutique selling high quality lightsabers and accessories. Representative of the Sabertrio brand, for France, Switzerland and Belgium. Sabertrio is one of the most recognized brands in Asia. Adegan's Armroy offers you lightsabers and custom equipment for sports, collection or cosplay. Don't hesitate to visit www.adegansarmory.com to discover the entire collection and try them out at Bretz'wars.

  • Guitar Wars

Shop offering vintage toys, décor and frames.

  • Adventure Toyz
  • FunGames
  • Bookstore "Why not a book"
  • Perri Jewelry
  • Angel Sewing

Angel Sewing is a designer, a costume designer based in Chorey les Beaune. She makes custom costumes after Film (like Disney, Angelique, Sissi, My Fair Lady, Titanic… Or Star Wars, in collaboration with the 501st French Garrison and the Rebel Legion), Reality or your Imagination or his, for costumes ever closer to the original characters

It is a work of precision, just as for historical costumes, you have to find the right materials (cotton, satin, silk, muslin or lace), with photos of references not always good qualities.